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Spare Parts

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Bravo Buttstock

Designed to fit a Mil-Spec Receiver Extension (Buffer Tube). Building upon the success of the B5 Sys..

$58.00 $37.50

Crush Washer 300BLK/7.62mm/.308

Standard Crush Washer. Fits the standard AR15 Platform. 300BLK, 7.62MM, .308..


Envoy Compensator

Cupped Inner Surface to Break Up Gas FlowMinimal Dust Kick Up DesignDurable Black Nitride CoatingMan..

$29.95 $12.95

Ergo Gapper

Fills the gap between the trigger guard and the pistol grip on the AR/M4 and cushions your knuckle, ..

$2.00 $0.95

Ergo Grip

The Original Ergo Grip, designed for performance creates a better interface between the shooter and ..

$25.95 $12.50

Extended Charging Handle Latch

Extended Charging Handle Latch for the AR-15 that is serrated providing the operator a bet..

$26.95 $12.95